September 30, 2023

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Betting Options in Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games available, and it has been since the 1700s.

One of the reasons that everyone loves the game is that it is so easy to learn.

The most challenging part of roulette is understanding the betting options, and I am here to explain everything you need to know.

Do not get scared off by the fact that the betting options are the most difficult part of roulette. That is like saying the most difficult part of baking a cake is measuring the ingredients.

It is only challenging in relation to the rest of the game. The betting options are straightforward and easy to understand, but there are a lot of them.

This post is a roulette beginner’s guide to the options that players have while placing bets during a game.

Because my focus is on explaining the game for beginners, some of this may seem obvious to you, especially if you have tried roulette before.

But I would rather assume that you do not know anything so that I can explain it fully.

Experienced gamblers can still use this post as an opportunity to remind themselves of bets that they may have forgotten about, or to better understand how the payout systems work.

A Quick Introduction to RouletteHow the Betting Options WorkOutside Betting for RouletteSpecialty Bets

If you already have the basics of the game down, go ahead and skip this section. But if you are brand new to roulette, here is a simple introduction to the foundational concepts and roulette rules that you need to know.

Roulette is the French word for little wheel, and the game is called that because it is based on a little wheel that the dealer spins.

You will never be quizzed on the origin of the name, but I think it is an interesting piece of trivia.

There are three versions of roulette, known as European, American, and French roulette.

I am going to use the European version to explain the game because it is the original version, and the differences are minimal.

How the Betting Options Work

There are dozens of potential bets in a single game of roulette. Each betting option has a corresponding payout structure.

Riskier bets will pay more, but the odds of winning are low. Safer bets have small payouts, but you are more likely to win several times.

Playing multiple bets at the same time makes the game much more enjoyable and exciting. You are more than welcome to play several wagers at one time, but I have a word of warning.

Do not bet against yourself!

Outside Betting for Roulette

All of the following bets are called outside bets because you place your chip around the outside of the number chart on the table.

They are focused on groups of numbers and specific characteristics, instead of individual numbers.

You have a higher chance of winning these bets because they cover multiple possibilities, but they pay less than the inside bets.

Think of these as the low-risk-low-reward bets of roulette.umns

On the roulette table, the numbers greater than zero are laid out in three columns with twelve numbers in each column.

A columns bet covers any of the numbers listed in one of those three columns.

For example, the first column includes 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 31, and 34.

At the bottom of each column is a box labeled two to one and that is where you will put your chip to play a columns bet.

It is labeled two to one because that is how much this bet pays, so if you win, you can double your money.zens

Another bet that pays two to one is the dozens bet, and you can probably guess how many numbers are incorporated in this betting option.

You can wager either on the first dozen (numbers one through twelve), the second dozen (thirteen through twenty-four) or the third dozen (twenty-five through thirty-six).

There is a box for each of these choices designated along the bottom of the table.


Underneath the boxes for the dozens bets, there are six boxes.

The first box has a label that says one to eighteen and the last box is for nineteen to thirty-six.

These are the high and low betting options, which include either the highest half of the wheel or the lowest half.

They pay even money./Black

The two center boxes underneath the dozens bets have a red diamond and a black diamond.

You can bet that the ball will fall on either a red space on the wheel or a black space.

This option is another wager that pays even money.

Zero and double zero spaces are green, so the odds of winning are slightly less than fifty-fifty.

That is why American casinos include the double zero because that one extra space increases the house edge.


Similarly, the odd and even bets work the same as the red and black bets.

You place your chip in the box labeled with either odd or even, and you win if the ball lands on a number with that characteristic.

The zero and double zero spaces are neither odd nor even, so you have less than a fifty percent chance of winning.

These bets also pay even money.


If you are a beginner gambler, this information is a lot to take in, and you are probably feeling overwhelmed.

So, here is my recommendation. Practice a few rounds of roulette for fun with the play for free option at your online casino.

When you are ready to advance to the real thing, stick to simple wagers at first.

I recommend choosing one inside bet, and a couple outside bets to play, but make sure that they do not contradict each other. Start out with small stakes at first and then progress to more significant wagers.

Once you are comfortable with a few of the more straightforward betting options, come back to this page to relearn some of the specialty wagers.

You can bookmark this page so that it is easy to find again. Then, repeat the process of playing a few rounds for free before you try the more advanced betting options on a real game.

The vast amount of variety that it offers is one of the best characteristics of roulette.

It is a simple game, but the dozens of betting options keep it fresh and exciting, especially when you play multiple wagers at the same time.

I hope that this has helped you understand all of the possibilities that the game has to offer, and how you can use them to your advantage.